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"Discover Aldon Smith's profound journey: from an NFL star to a life marred by adversity. Beyond the glitz of professional sports, Aldon faced challenges that pushed him to the drink, testing his resolve. His story isn't just about the fall but about the courageous climb back to making intelligent, life-affirming choices. Learn how he turned trials into a testament for change and now guides others to do the same. Join his mission to unlock true happiness and embrace life's unlimited possibilities."

About Me.

Hello, I'm Aldon Smith. Many of you may know me as the 21-year-old prodigy from the University of Missouri who took the NFL by storm and seemed destined for the Hall of Fame. Some of you may have met me at the grocery store as I searched for ingredients to create a new dish, or back in Cedar Rapids, Iowa, when Dragon Ball Z was life. Others may have encountered me on the basketball court playing with the Raytown Bluejays in Kansas City, or during a time when I made less-than-stellar choices. I met some of you when I wasn't making the most intelligent moves, and bad decisions landed me in unfortunate situations. Some of you were in the cell next to mine, or the person informing me of my living arrangements, schedule, and therapist for the next 90 days.


I want to challenge the way people perceive athletes by bridging the gap between us and them  fostering a deeper understanding of our shared humanity. Athletes are often seen as superhuman because of our extraordinary accomplishments, and when we make a mistake or a poor decision, the narrative tends to fixate on how they could risk everything they've achieved. It's easy to say, "If that was me, I would have done this differently." While such thoughts are understandable, I dare you to consider a different narrative - one that is more compassionate and informed Before becoming your favorite player, athletes have navigated the complexities of life, facing challenges that have shaped their character and influenced their decision-making. Just like anyone else, athletes come from diverse backgrounds, some more difficult than others, and making INTELLIGENT MOVES isn't always our first consideration. We, too, are shaped by our upbringing, our communities, and the circumstances that surround us.


I remember attending a function early on, and someone asked about my plans after my football career. My exact response eludes me, but I wasn't proud of my answer. Growing up, my core values were established despite the disconnect I experienced at home. I've always had a sense of right and wrong, but that doesn't mean I've always made the correct choices. At times, I made mistakes due to not making INTELLIGENT MOVES. 

Recognizing the power and freedom that comes from making INTELLIGENT MOVES in life, my life's work and goal is to help others figure out how to make better choices in their lives. I'm far from perfect and don't claim to have all the answers, but I know what has worked for me. Being strong-minded and intelligent can sometimes work against you when trying to make decisions about personal change, habits, or addictions. If I can do it, so can you. I want people to experience the other side of life and unlock the keys to true happiness and unlimited possibilities. The more INTELLIGENT MOVES you make, the better your chances of finding happiness and fully enjoying life!


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